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Lisa is a phenomenal life coach. She is very inspirational, motivating and supportive throughout the process. One thing I like about her, is her uncanny ability to handle myriad challenges in a very effortless manner.


Ashwani Kumar Sinna

Lisa  is a Certified Law of Attraction and Life Coach. She is a Coach who truly wants individuals to follow their dreams and their passions. Lisa’s passionate about her life and the dreams that she has for both herself and her family and her desire is to have everyone realize there’s so much more to life if each of us is ready to step up to the plate.


Lisa is the person that will aid and assist in getting you to that next level in your life. Whether your new or experienced when it comes to understanding and living through the Law of Attraction Lisa can assist you in creating the life your heart desires.


I highly recommend her professional services. Your life will truly be more incredible than you’d ever imagined using the tools and strategies that Lisa can support you with.


Nancy Battye

 I have known Lisa for a couple years in my capacity as Registered Care Aide at Origin at Longwood. Lisa was my Director of Care.


Lisa has a number of strengths to offer. She is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. While she worked as Director of Care at Origin at Longwood she distinguished herself as an excellent leader among our staff. She consistently provided our team with compassionate and professional leadership. She was always willing to go a step beyond what was expected of her and as a result she made many great connections with not only our residents and their families, but also our staff members as well.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend Lisa. If her performance as our Director of Care at Origin is any indication I believe Lisa will be a positive addition to your organization.




Tammy Marshall

Lisa is an extremely wonderful person. She is kind, caring, empathetic and always easy to approach. I have known Lisa for two years, and she has always had a positive and energetic personality. She genuinely cares for people, and wants the best for everyone. She will go out of her way to make sure you are happy. She has a good heart, and anyone who experiences her in their life, will be extremely fortunate. I find Lisa to be trustworthy, sincere and loyal. She listens well, and lets you know that she is there for you if you need her.


I enjoyed having Lisa as my boss, she does her job extremely well, and she never looks down on anyone. She is a hard worker and looks out for everyone’s best interest.


I know that if I were ever to hire her, the job would get done. Plus she would go the extra mile to make sure it’s done perfectly.




Kristina Seaton


I Tania Crossley, work as an RCA. I met Lisa , at Stanford Place 5 years ago. Lisa  was my RN.


Lisa is an awesome person to work with and a good mentor. During the time we worked together she was always there to help and explain things . She was always advocating for the RCAs .


I find Lisa very humble and her kindness is incredible . She would come around and visit us and see if we have any issues regarding residents . I use to call her  Florence Nightingale.


I use to be so happy to see her on my shift because I would know that she would be giving her upmost to help.


I have learned so much working with Lisa.  She always encouraged me to go further with my education and is always so supportive to anyone that asks for help.


I admire her for the way she handles situations in a  very calm manor.  She looks up to all the staff and works with everyone.


She is a person that you can go to for help of any kind, because you know that she gives from the heart.


Tania Crossley  

I have known Lisa since 2006, and have cared for both her son,and her daughter. In my experience, Lisa has been more generous and caring than anyone I have met. She is always willing to do whatever she can to help others, by either making them smile on a bad day, offering anything she can, and making sure everyone around her is okay.


Regardless of what Lisa has been through, she is always looking out for others and voicing her opinion on how precious life is. Lisa is proof that no matter how hard life may seem, or what life may throw at you, you can get through it, and become happy again.


In my opinion, Lisa is a very warm hearted, caring, and responsible adult, who is more than willing to help anyone who needs it. I believe Lisa will brighten your life as well, if you’re willing to let her.


Thank-you Lisa, for being the person you are, and always being their to brighten my day!


-Sam Calder


Lisa Touray - Motivational Speaker and Coach
Lisa Touray
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